Thursday, March 5, 2009


I can't believe how time flies. Mardi Gras was fantastic...the parades were Ok..I am not crazy about them anyway..the march bands on the opposite, were amazing..they are my reason to go.

We missed you so badly.....but we also talked about you all the time. Kelly and I managed to put our costumes together almost in the last a couple of slepless nights. I met someone you met during your last Mardi Gras too. It was a nice coincidence, he found my cell phone on the ground..I was apperantly close to him and he asked me, I had not even noticed I had lost my cell phone. My friend Micheal told me, who he was and I showed him your picture in my cell phone..that one that I took at city park...I treasure that picture.
I will have that day in mind forever, like if it was yesterday when we sat in that bench..and you took a bottle of wine out of your purse!!..surprise, surprise..we drunk wine with cookies that day..the wine was sweet..very sweet..ha!..something special for sure. I catched some cool beetles and you said a had a good eye to find them, we exchange some of them too.

I can't stop thinking in your birthday..and how close it is. This is so sad should be with us..

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