Friday, October 24, 2008

Missing her badly

Thanks to Kelly for this picture of Jessica at her work in the insectarium.

Today, as everyday, I woke up thinking about Jessica...later, in the lab, I began to read again some of the hundreds of emails we exchanged during our friendship, a friendship that lasted only two years...

It is weird how life works...Jessica and I were so different, true, we had many passions in common (insects, music, dancing, independent movies), but our characters were opposite poles. In spite of it, we managed to keep our friendship alive after she left UNO to take a break from school...and some people here did not even know we kept being close friends. We did not use to hang out during the weeks, since she was busy working and I was always hectic with school...but Friday was always our favorite day to see each other..I guess that is why, Fridays are so much harder for me to deal with now, than Mondays...

Lately there were not many happy Fridays for us though..I guess we were both going through a 30-age crisis....("going out" became a very rare event).....I would leave school late and would stop by her house...there, we would share our drama, frustrations, dreams and complains always under the company of a beer or a glass of wine....talking about beer...I remember now a huge argument we had (probably in May) because I had paid $70 in a dinner with her...hahaha.

This is the story...we went to the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen and we both got (besides of the food) two of our favorite beer....framboise lambic (not sure about the spelling)..anyway, it is an expensive beer from Belgium....after the dinner, I got upset because I did not expect to pay that much....but I was owing her money....and she said, I did not need to pay her but instead, I should include that money to pay the check.....but still...even after that, $50 bucks in a meal was a lot of money for me!..hahaha I was probably being too tight..haha..but I am graduate student right? we began to walk home arguing on the streets..we both were very mad..complaining about each always...
...I am remembering that moment like if it were yesterday...

....I did not intend this post to be so long...I hope I am not boring the few people that read this...but doing this, it is the only way I can feel her close, it is the only way I can feel she is still with me....I started the post talking about our emails...and I would like to finish it with these, Jessica's last words for me in an email on July 29th:

Can't wait to see you again!!!

L, J.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another month without Jessica

Yesterday two months ago Jessica was found in her apartment, another month is gone without her. I do not think there will be a day I will not think about her, or a day I will not think what she would say if I could tell her all the things I have in my heart now, and all the things are going on to our friends. 
I love you my Jessica, I am really missing you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jessica's memorial Part II

Many thanks to the Nola ninja girl, who took these pictures and helped Cassie with the memorial rearrangements.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jessica's memorial in images Part I

Here are some pictures of Jessica's memorial that took place in New Orleans on October the 4th.
Many thanks to Ivan Soto, Laura Marin and Sarah Brock for these beautiful pictures.

This was the front of the second line, Cassie and her friends did this gorgeous banner.

As I said it before, it was a beautiful day in New Orleans.

Cassie and I during the second line.

Dr. Jerry Howard was Jessica's major professor at UNO. He reminded us the great scientist and student our Jessica was.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

About Jessica's memorial in New Orleans

Just a short note to let you all know, yesterday, we had the beautiful memorial for Jessica that for weeks Lee and Harold organized. Many friends attended the second line and later shared their thoughts and memories of Jessica at the Mother in Law lounge.
Unfortunately I do not have the pictures yet, but I felt I needed to let you all know that many people attended the memorial.
I want to thank Lee, Harold, Cassie and many others that contributed greatly either with their donations, work or presence to make this memorial a reality.
Everything was just perfect, a beautiful day: sunny but not hot and almost none humidity (a real rare day for New Orleans’ standards!), a yummy gumbo, the best New orlean music and what Jessica loved the most…a great crowd. Everything was just the way she would have liked.

Yesterday Jessica's spirit was all around and we confirmed, she will be with us forever.