Sunday, December 6, 2009

Your Garden

I went to visit Jessica's garden today. The garden is coming out very well thanks to the communal effort of Lee, and Cassie. Jessica would be so proud of her friends, I truly appreciate the dedication and love that Cassie has put into it.

Here are some pictures, you can get an idea of how it looks like so far.

As you can see one of the flower bed is ready and blooming but there will be 5 more coming!!.

These are closer views of the flower bed.

Cassie and, I think, Patrick chose carefully the plants they used for the flower bed, to make sure they will be blooming all year. The plants look very happy there, here are some closer shots of them.

I will keep you guys updated once the other flower beds are in place and rolling!! :)

Hugs, and kisses to y'all!


1 comment:

Jessie's Aunt and Uncle said...

Thanks Ivonne for posting the picture..what a difference..Jessie would be so pleased and proud.