Friday, August 22, 2008

A week without Jessica

But she is and she will be in our thoughts forever.

Jessica and her beloved brother, she was so proud of him..I particularly remember she could not help herself reminding us how good looking he is.

Jessica and I at a second line, 2007.

Jessica loved the brown leather purse she is wearing there.


Heather said...

thank you Ivonne for everything you have done for my beloved friend. It's obvious you loved her as much as we do. As soon as I can dig out our old school tennis pics I will post them. thanks again sweets. Heather

sheila said...

Jess and I grew up next to each other since we were 4 years old until the day we graduated together we road the same bus we took gymnastic and dance togher she helped learn how to do a back bend by doing on a hill the later placeing my foot on the side walk she never let quit until I kicked my leg over and we work for hours at time we wanted to be like marylou rettin the olypic gymnist, later we use to call ourselfs the skate board sisters we did so much as kids and experienced alot of first. I also was very close with her family we all lived on one little street when life was so simple and we knew we were safe. I pray to God to us all the strenght and help ours to stop bleeding. Also Jessi I know that was you who dropped that bug on me thanks it made me and aunt daneida laugh in a moment of tears. I'm so sorry. love, sheila

dette280 said...

There will be a Memorial service this Sat, Aug 30, at 12N, at Blessed Seelos Church at 3053 Dauphine St, NOLA. May I have permission to use your photos? Are you local (NOLA)? Please email me:
So sorry for your loss. Claudette

Ivonne Garzon said...

Claudette please feel free in using the pictures I have of Jessica for her memorial on Saturday.

Jessie's Aunt and Uncle said...

dette280...I was just wondering about the Memorial Service for Jessie on Aug. 30. I just noticed the post or I would have responded sooner. How did it go? Was it well attended? I know the service up here in Ohio was so horrible sad. Beautiful pictures and kind and loving words were spoken, but sooooo sad.
God Bless,
Patti and Ron Hawk