Sunday, October 5, 2008

About Jessica's memorial in New Orleans

Just a short note to let you all know, yesterday, we had the beautiful memorial for Jessica that for weeks Lee and Harold organized. Many friends attended the second line and later shared their thoughts and memories of Jessica at the Mother in Law lounge.
Unfortunately I do not have the pictures yet, but I felt I needed to let you all know that many people attended the memorial.
I want to thank Lee, Harold, Cassie and many others that contributed greatly either with their donations, work or presence to make this memorial a reality.
Everything was just perfect, a beautiful day: sunny but not hot and almost none humidity (a real rare day for New Orleans’ standards!), a yummy gumbo, the best New orlean music and what Jessica loved the most…a great crowd. Everything was just the way she would have liked.

Yesterday Jessica's spirit was all around and we confirmed, she will be with us forever.

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