Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Between you and me

The other day I went over all my videos and my old cell phone to see if I had a voice message...a video.. something to watch you talking or at least hear your voice..I could not find anything.
I want to pretend you can read this, it is painful to know I can not talk to you is heartbreaking... but for some reason I feel better writing here, again, pretending, you would read it.

You would be glad in knowing we are about to send the paper on Brassolis and Dynastor, yes, finally. It took us two years and we could not resolve the puzzle...but that is a result of course. The next step is definitely to review B. sophorae, the species that gave us all the is polytipical...I told you..!!..those species are #$@%. The other resource will be, of course!.. to use DNA..bahh..I miss that too..having you to talk all the bad things of DNA and how boring it is..but who knows if I will be the one doing the DNA stuff...I do not have money for Hamadryas much less for this guess the question will be open to someone else.
The paper is a beautiful one, Carla took some gorgeous pictures of the butterflies and I've received good comments on my drawings. I'm dedicating it to you, it is a special paper, my very first one on butterflies, there will be a small note in the acknowledgments.

Jeff Corwin is coming to UNO tomorrow, he is giving a talk at the arena, remember how we used to laugh watching his show at Animal Planet??..when he pretended eating the spiders and little frogs! haha!. He is good at what he does..regardless he is on tv..I guess you would have liked to go and see him, so I am going...I can't image how many kids are going to be there!! is going to be fun though..I have to find the way of kicking my students out of class earlier so I can go..I can always give extra credits to those that write a good review on his talk right?..ha!.

Love you and miss you every second of each day

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