Friday, November 14, 2008

Not forgotten

There is this song called "canción urgente" (Urgent Song) that the great Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez wrote about Cesar Sandino, a militant hero that fought against the US intervention in Nicaragua. I was listening to Silvio while I was working in the microscope, and I felt one part of his song exactly captured what I feel about Jessica. At comparing Sandino to Bolivar and the Che (he explicitly says the three of them walked the same road, namely fighting for the independence of our people, and the three also shared the same luck, death) Silvio remind us that, they three, left such a great legacy that they have fooled death.

Jessica did the same, she fooled death. In her very short life and in the short time I had the fortune of being her friend, Jessica left so many memories, so many teachings, such a legacy in our lives that if the aim of whoever did this to Jessica was to take her and, everything she represented, out of the picture, he/she is very much wrong. I am personally committed with this blog and anything else I can do, to make Jessica's life, this person's worst nightmare.

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