Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jessica's memorial in images Part I

Here are some pictures of Jessica's memorial that took place in New Orleans on October the 4th.
Many thanks to Ivan Soto, Laura Marin and Sarah Brock for these beautiful pictures.

This was the front of the second line, Cassie and her friends did this gorgeous banner.

As I said it before, it was a beautiful day in New Orleans.

Cassie and I during the second line.

Dr. Jerry Howard was Jessica's major professor at UNO. He reminded us the great scientist and student our Jessica was.


Gloria said...

As I posted on Ivonne's blog...I didn't have the chance to meet Jessica, but I feel like I did met her for a long time and I loved her as my sister does. Ivonne shared with me her stories and things that she and Jessica did together. I feel my sister's pain. She did not only lost a friend, she lost a sister. Jessica always took care of my sister Ivonne in N.O and I am grateful for that. I know Ivonne misses her a lot. We all miss her. The memorial was a beautiful way to have Jessica's spirit among people who loved her. I wish I had had the opportunity to be there.
Gloria (Ivonne's sister)

Jessie's Aunt and Uncle said...

WOW !!! How beautiful everything looked and I know Jessica would have been so proud of her friends. We do appreciate it so much that you posted the pictures for those of us who could not be there, to see. God's riches blessings to all of you.
Patti and Ron Hawk

Ivonne Garzon said...

There are more pictures of Jessica's memorial at

We are all thankful with the Nola ninja girl for her help to make the memorial as beautiful as it was. Also for loving our friend so much, we will never forget it.