Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another month without Jessica

Yesterday two months ago Jessica was found in her apartment, another month is gone without her. I do not think there will be a day I will not think about her, or a day I will not think what she would say if I could tell her all the things I have in my heart now, and all the things are going on to our friends. 
I love you my Jessica, I am really missing you.


nola ninja girl said...

Whenever you have days like this, I want you to call me. Thanks to Jessica, I am thankful to have you as a friend!
Also, I need your email please :)

I REALLY hope you and Kelly will come over tonight! :)

Ivonne Garzon said...

Ohh Thanks for your words Michael, I am sorry I just saw this. This is my email
I hope to see you again soon and I hope you will come to thanks giving dinner..remember it is the 22nd.